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Voices, Beats & Cello

Öly is a love letter, sweet at first, it becomes more passionate with every new shade of darkness in the night.


Laura, leader of the band, was born to a British mother and a French father. Never really finding her place in either of her two cultural backgrounds, she found an universal language in music. With the loss of a friend and fellow musician a few years later, came the wish to commit herself fully to her music ; Öly began.

Thomas, the cellist, and Louni, the beatboxer, joined forces with Laura to create this new entity. 

Louni, with his loopstation, is the foundation of the sound on top of which the voice and the cello evolve. Drummer in a previous life, he is now competing in the French Beatbox Championships with the top 10 French beatboxers of his generation. 

Thomas is the guardian of the sweet side of Öly, his melodies are the definition of romanticism. You might have heard him play with The Neko Light Orchestra, Roze, or his solo project Cellosphère. 


Voice, beats and cello come together to whisper to your heart until the shivers come. 

With 40+ gigs since June 2018, the band have rapidly gained the support of some local professionals including Music In Tarn, Médiazique, and PANAMA that have helped them in their growth. 

In their debut EP “Time to go” released in 2019, the urban indie pop sounds and honest lyrics immerse the listeners in an  intimate experience.


«Öly rises like a night flight. This trio from Toulouse offers in its six lyrical creations a melodic experience, a hybrid between pop, trip-hop, and indie. Thanks to the stubborn delicacy of the beatbox, combined with the persistent melancholy of the cello and a calm and piercing London Grammar-esque voice, the group immerses the listener in a sound loop with experimental stylistic mixtures.»

FANNY JACOB (Longueur d'Ondes)

Self-produced - April 2019




First playing with cover bands, Laura quickly threw herself in the creative process of writing lyrics and composing music with Öly. Knowing both MAO and music theory, she excels in the art of finding the perfect melody. You can also listen to her production in her Hip Hop, R’n’B side project ElizäBeth.


Laura Dauzat


+33 6 76 03 79 11

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